Fulfillment Options: Consider the Global Reach for the Top 10 Online Retail & Auction Sites

Before you take a leap of faith and hand over all your fulfillment requirements to Amazon, consider this..

There’s no doubt about it, you should be using Amazon FBA to fulfill your orders received through Amazon’s 3rd party merchant platform (this is something different to the Amazon Vendor Central platform). When using Amazon FBA for orders received through their own platform, you’re basically a drop shipper for Amazon and Amazon take  responsibility for any customer interaction for the sale. Amazon also say you’re more likely to win the ‘buy box’ position on the product sales page if you’re products are shipped from the FBA warehouse.

There’s definitely advantages to be had using FBA. But what about orders you receive from other platforms like eBay, your shopping cart and other retail trade customers?

I explain the advantages and disadvantages of using Amazon FBA for fulfillment in a previous post and the conscientious is that you should definitely consider ‘not’ using FBA for ‘non-Amazon’ merchant orders. The info graph below shows Amazon’s global reach compared to the next 9 largest online retail and auction sites. This info graph along with my previous post, is a clear illustration of why you should consider  incorporating other fulfillment solutions into your logistics network as well as using Amazon FBA.


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