eBay Fulfillment

  • List, compete amd sell locally in multiple eBay marketplaces

Regardless of what some will say eBay is still a viable option for reaching your customers on a global scale. Of course in recent years Amazon has given eBay a run for their money to take the number one spot as the goto place to shop online. Although in our own eCommerce businesses eBay is still one of the main contributors to sales revenue and profit.

eBay also have many international sites and if you have a good product to sell then you can easily reach buyers in those marketplaces by listing on local eBay sites.

1StockLocation enables you to easily sell into global eBay marketplaces. Simply link your accounts using the integration software and 1StockLocation handles the rest.

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eCommerce Fulfillment

  • Automate shipping and back end processes across one or more fulfillment centers

eCommerce strategies are broad and diverse. We define eCommerce as 'selling online' and the last thing you need when selling online is to worry about all the back end processing of orders, shipment notifications, account administration and updating customers with their order status.

1StockLocation connects to your web stores and shopping carts to automate your shipping and all the back end processes enabling you to concentrate your efforts on marketing and selling.

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Distributors and Brand Owners

  • Service customers and save on shipping with our 'ready made' distribution network

Simply plug in to our global distribution network and store as little or as much inventory as you need, centralized to your trade and wholesale customers. Simply call off inventory to be shipped and your customers receive their orders fast and you save on shipping costs. We can also help you to integrate your ordering system to automate  the entire process.

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Amazon Vendors

  • Feed Amazon and meet specifications when sending in shipments at regular intervals

Amazon FBA sellers (Merchants) and Amazon AVC (Vendors) have the advantage of using Amazon's network of fulfillment centers to reach customers. Although Amazon will require your regular shipments to arrive in a specific delivery window and packaged to specification. 1StockLocation is the ideal solution to fee your inventory to Amazon in regular intervals as required.

Our integration software automates the entire process of managing shipments to Amazon.

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Automatically allocate your orders to specific fulfillment centers around the world using centralized order management software.

Synchronize you're inventory levels and automatically update tracking numbers back to your eCommerce sales channels at regular intervals throughout the day.

Streamline your systems with multi-channel software

'1-click' sales channel integrations

1-Click Integration with Your eCommerce Sales Channels

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Inventory Management

'1-click' sales channel integrations

Inventory management made easy

You can use our InventorySync™ reporting tool to link all your stock locations and import csv files from all your warehouses and stock holding locations and you'll be able to see all your inventory totals from one central screen.

This makes stock replenishment decisions easy. Once you've setup the software you'll also be able to instantly see if you need stock to be transferred between locations, to keep your points of sale and sales channels from running out of stock.

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Order Management

Orders are automatically and silently processed in the background from all of your sales channels in one central software system.

When you receive sales orders, our warehouse closest to your customer will be notified either automatically, or you can decide to allocate orders at request and our warehouse will pick, pack and ship your orders directly to your customers.

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auto-pilot order management

Auto-pilot order management software saves you time

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