The founder John Baxter created 1StockLocation from a need for establishing a global distribution network for his own previous eCommerce business that he previously grew from the ground up.

Founder John Baxter has previously worked with..


"Before 1StockLocation I have worked on developing house hold brands for Fortune 500 companies before starting several multi-million dollar businesses of my own."

“I sold over $4 million dollars worth of 'shipped' physical products online in my own online eCommerce  businesses during the previous few years alone.."

"In short, I can now say that the rapid growth of that small business was mainly due to the expansion into new global markets and it was clear that this was only made possible by establishing a streamlined distribution network of world class fulfillment warehouses that span 4 continents. The network allowed the business to operate ‘locally’ across many countries and markets. The custom built web platform created by my development team managed the back end IT integration between online sales channels and offline fulfillment houses globally.”

“Following the sale of the eCommerce business it was clear to me that other businesses were also looking for an ‘easy to implement’ and even ‘easier to manage’ global distribution network with automated IT processes and so I decided to this offer this unique solution to help bridge the gap and streamline the administration processes for other businesses who are also looking for a highly efficient and cost effective global distribution solution..

..1StockLocation was born!”

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"1StockLocation enables online sellers and offline distributors to be able to easily establish logistical bases and reach customers globally whilst saving money on shipping and saving time managing orders and shipment notifications. 1StockLocation can help you to grow and strengthen your business quickly."

The full story..

"How I Used the '1StockLocation' Business Model to Generate $4 Million US Dollars of Revenue from a Single Product Retailing at $29 - And How You Can Use the Same Logistics Solution to Grow Your Business and Multiply Your Profits Too!"

Whilst building international retail and eCommerce businesses John realized the need for a streamlined and cost effective global logistics solution to enable his own businesses to quickly multiply profits in new markets and to level the playing field with larger brands. 1StockLocation was born.

The year was 2008, England..

My previous career involved working with Fortune 500 corporations and I enjoyed the challenges of developing multi-million dollar projects and bringing household brands from concept to a store near you. I gained immense 'insider' experience of how the Fortune 500 corporations operated.

Following 7 years of successfully introducing global brands around the world, I decided to put my career on hold for a short time to be able to travel and see what else the world had to offer -that adventure continues in my own business ventures to this day.

During my travels in developing Asian countries and being amerced in new cultures it soon became clear to me that helping smaller businesses was very fulfilling. I saw the positive impact that growth had on small businesses in developing nations and I found this fulfilling.

inevitably this highlight the problem..

To be able to continue to help other businesses and developing communities I first needed to be able to sustain my own finances and lead by example. I decided to build several ecommerce and online businesses of my own and because at that time I would usually be travelling I needed to build systems that allowed me to be able to manage, control and grow my own businesses from any location. By design, the businesses would have to be controllable and manageable remotely, regardless of where I was located in the world at any given time. One of the most successful businesses I built for myself outside of 1StockLocation was developing products manufactured in one country and then exporting those finished products to other countries.

To make this type of business successful I needed to be able to leverage what was already on offer in the country where I was located. To be able to setup supply chains and devise a cost effective logistics strategy that would be able to compete with large corporations on a global scale, I had to think a little differently..


--and at the same time, I also had to set all this up from the only internet connection for miles around which was a hotel coffee lounge on the border between 2 developing Asian countries where I was based at that time. Saturated in the tropical heat, luckily for me the coffee lounge was one of the only air conditioned room for miles around..

If the business was going to be able to compete with big local based businesses in the countries I was shipping into, then the model had to be cost effective and I needed to find the 'tipping point' that would give my own businesses a competitive advantage.

It soon became clear that once you develop and establish a successful product in one region, the quickest way to multiply your business profits is to roll out the same products into new markets, regions and countries -(I also knew this is exactly what the fortune 500 did to increase their own profits and to establish world-wide brand recognition)-

Although this was the type of operation the large blue chip corporations were undertaking with large infrastructures, a huge staff pool and who had deep pockets.

Directing a small business and to be able to compete I had to call upon and tap into all of my previous knowledge and experiences working for those corporate giants.

I needed to implement a streamlined system that would not only lower shipping costs for importing and exporting products, but to also leverage technology and be able to easily manage multiple sales channels in different countries around the globe --all from one single control center.

Once I had successfully implemented this model by establishing relationships, developed the systems and leveraging the technology, my own smaller businesses proved to be hugely successful. The model I had created allowed me to be able to sell over $4 million US dollars worth of a physical product that had a retail price of just $29 and all this was achieved in just a few short years.

Below you'll see a graph showing revenue growth for one of my own personal small businesses that I developed to show the 'real life' PROOF of what can be achieved when using the 1StockLocation systems and technology..

-(by selling just one successful product in multiple regions and countries you can easily multiply your business literally within days of launching into a new region)-

Here's a real life example of the kind of growth a small business can achieve using the 1StockLocation shipping model..

It wouldn't have made sense nor would it be right to keep this low cost and highly effective business model to myself and I realized that by offering this worldwide shipping solution to other businesses, I would be able to help you to leverage your businesses too.

This would also help other businesses to be able to compete on a large global scale on a very small budget indeed --for this reason, I introduced '1StockLocation'

This model isn't just for small businesses - this distribution model is flexible and scale-able, any sized business can use this model.

It doesn't matter if you operate a small or large business, 1StockLocation is the result of a combination of systems, technology, relationships, streamlined logistics and years of personal experience that can be used and implemented by any sized company to increase sales and lower shipping costs at the same time.

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Our Promise is to Help Your Business Grow Regardless of its Current Size

Business growth promise

1StockLocation is required to make international expansion opportunities and simplified global logistics available to all businesses, regardless of size and to spur economic growth beyond borders.

What makes 1StockLocation logistical solutions different is the unique background of the founder, John who originally committed years of his early business career helping multi-national fortune corporations develop house hold brand names then travelling and living in many countries and cultures around the world.

John has developed multi-million dollar businesses of his own from scratch and now helps other businesses to embrace new opportunities and proliferate and grow in international market places.


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Passionate About Helping You Embrace International Opportunities and Multiplying Your Business Revenue

Open the gates to international growth


We bridge the gap providing a global fulfillment and distribution network solution and connected ‘technologies’ to streamline your business process and global distribution needs..

..we make it easy to for you to establish a global distribution and sales network.


 1StockLocation is a subsidiary of Direct Media Solutions Limited, which specializes in providing global logistical solutions for businesses  (and helping you grow your business through introducing new sales channels, increasing your customer base and opening the gates to make it easy for you to enter new international markets)..

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No matter how big or small your business, we offer you a global fulfillment service to ship your orders from local fulfillment centers strategically located around the globe to match that of a large corporation but without the expense, without the overheads and without the headache..

..and we offer all this whilst simultaneously lowering your shipping costs and helping you multiply your business into new overseas markets.

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