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Use this Multi-Channel Order Fulfillment Network to Sell EVERYWHERE Including Amazon, eBay and Your Own Web Stores in MULTIPLE COUNTRIES WORLDWIDE!

(..its like having your very own Global distribution network just like the big brands have, but for a fraction of the cost!)

As soon as you sign up to open an account with 1StockLocation and subscribe to a shipping location, you’ll be able to ship your orders locally from one or all of these locations, including..

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Asia
  • Plus more locations to be added shortly..

In today’s online shopping environment your local and overseas customers have come to expect a fast and cost effective delivery service.

Your competitors are most likely already selling internationally and if YOU'RE not already selling into overseas markets then you’re definitely missing out on new customers, more sales and more profits.

How many more sales can you afford to lose?

1StockLocation is a unique service that enables you to store your inventory in multiple secure fulfillment centers based in various countries around the World.

You’ll be able to ship your inventory in bulk, to our fulfillment centers around the globe and as soon as your customers place orders on your web store, eBay, Amazon or any other sales channel – you’ll be able to log into your 1StockLocation client area and ship your orders individually using local, low cost delivery services.

--(OR, if you’re like me and you prefer to automate as much as possible then you can simply automate the entire order processing and shipping process, including entering tracking numbers into your accounts and confirming your orders as shipped. You can do this by using the free multi-channel inventory software that is included with your 1StockLocation account)—

This service isn’t just you’re ordinary order fulfillment warehouse. Instead, you could think of 1StockLocation as..

You're One Stop, Global Shipping and Fulfillment Solution

When you send your inventory to the secure fulfillment warehouses in different countries, you'll have full access to..

  • Strategic Global Fulfillment Locations in the USA, UK, Asia & Australia
  • Same Day Order Processing & Shipping -(from any of our worldwide locations)-
  • 100% FREE Inventory Management & Central Order Processing Software for Online Orders from eBay, Amazon, Your Shopping Cart and Other Sales Channels -(you can use this software for your online sales even if you decide not to use our fulfillment centers)-
  • Cost Effective Shipping Carriers Based On Your Requirements
  • Climate Controlled Facilities with Fully Insured Inventory
  • Excellent Picking Accuracy 99.9% -(Well Above Industry Averages)-
  • Protect and Store Your Inventory Safely in Our Secure Warehouse Locations Worldwide!
  • Ship Anything from Small Lightweight Products to Palatalized Goods
  • Accommodate Direct Mail, Retail, Trade Fulfillment Orders and more..

Deploy Your Global Shipping Network in Just a Few Clicks with Friendly Ongoing Assistance & Support..

You're One Stop, Global Shipping and Fulfillment Solution

Finally, get your orders delivered FAST from 'local' fulfillment centers in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia AND South East Asia! -(PLUS, control your inventory with FREE centralized automation software)-

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Sign up for a FREE account today and when you're ready to ship inventory, Get 2 Months FREE Storage and Account Management at any one of our fulfillment locations Worldwide..

* Its totally Free to register your account and explore the features. As soon as you're ready to begin sending your inventory to the fulfillment centers, simply let me know by sending an email to jimcdiscount@tomfreemanmarketing.com and I'll apply 2 free months subscription to any one warehouse location. This should give you plenty of time to give 1StockLocation a thorough tryout. -(As soon as you give it a try, I'm sure you'll be over-joyed when you begin receiving all those extra sales around the globe!)-

About the Founder:

Founder: John Baxter

John has previously worked with..


"Without being immodest, I have worked on developing 'house hold' brands for Fortune 500 companies before starting several multi-million dollar businesses of my own. I've sold over $4 million dollars worth of 'shipped' physical products online in the previous few years alone. I'm excited to share the knowledge I've gained whilst building my own businesses to help you grow and strengthen your business."

The first step is to sign up and claim your FREE account to see how 1StockLocation can help you grow your business..