Add Any New 'Warehouse Locations' to Your Account 100% FREE for 30 Days..

Double, Trebble or Even Quadruple Your Business When You Begin Selling into New International Markets and Shipping Your Sales Orders to Overseas Customers from Your New Local Warehouse Locations Around the Globe

Plus, if you sell with online sales channels like eBay, Amazon or shopping cart software you'll able able to 'hook up' your accounts to automate the entire shipping and tracking confirmation process!

You could be shipping your orders from 1StockLocation global fulfillment centers to your customers locally in the USA, UK, Australia and Asia in just a few days from now..

To begin sending your inventory and shipping your orders from any of the warehouse locations in the UK, USA, Australia and Asia, you'll first need to sign up to the warehouse location and 'add' the new fulfillment center to your 1StockLocation account.

--(please do this prior to shipping any of your inventory to the new warehouse because we'll need to notify the warehouse to expect your shipment before it arrives)--

Every fulfillment warehouse location you add to your account provides you with..

  • Area reservation -(area in the warehouse will be reserved as your own usable inventory space)-
  • Inventory maintenance -(hygiene and cleanliness measures are carefully implemented)-
  • Insurance of goods -(you can read the full agreement during the 'add warehouse' sign up process)- 
  • Palatalizing if required -(if your goods need to be palatalized)-
  • Inventory control & stock taking -(inventory reports so you can monitor and replenish your stock levels)-
  • Inventory rotation -(products are shipped on a 'first in and first out' basis unless you request otherwise)-
  • Climate control & 24 hr Security -(quality and integrity of your inventory is maintained)-
  • Same day order processing and dispatch for mail order and next day collection for pallet size loads
  • Same day tracking confirmation for any orders shipped -(your track & trace notification is returned within 12 hrs of shipping)--
  • Automatically update your online sales channels with tracking information and shipping information using the integration apps
  • Total control and management of your inventory, orders and shipments from your 1Stocklocation account
  • Use the integration tools to automatically ship orders from eBay, Amazon, shopping carts and other selling channels
Read Important NotesClick here to read important notes before signing up

1. Adding Multiple Warehouses

You can use as many warehouse fulfillment locations as you wish to store and ship inventory from more than one warehouse location. To do this you'll need to 'sign up' to each warehouse separately, i.e. complete the sign up process for one warehouse first, then return to the 'Add Warehouses' page to add more warehouses individually or as and when you need to add more locations.

2. Ensure You've Already Received a 'Pick, Pack & Ship' Quotation

Please do not sign up to any warehouse unless you have already filled out the quotation form to request accurate pricing for your particular product type and estimated volume of orders you'll be shipping.

-(this is because you'll want to know how much you'll be saving on 'pick, pack and shipping' fees for your particular product type before signing up to store your inventory at the warehouse)- If you need to request pick, pack and ship quotation for your particular products OR if you are shipping new additional types of products (i.e. a new category of product with different size and weight specifications), then you can request a new quote by filling out the form here.

All fulfillment locations are 100% FREE for the first 30 days for you to begin shipping your inventory to the warehouse and to 'try out' the fulfillment center without being charged anything..

As part of the 'add a warehouse' sign up process our secure payment provider will request you to enter your card details which will be stored on file using the latest SSL encrypted security (we use the highly secure PayPal and Stripe services to process payments and we don't store any card numbers at our offices or facilities), and the first charge for the warehouse subscription fee will only be applied after 30 days and then every month thereon after, or until you cancel your subscription to that warehouse by contacting our customer support team.

Get Started with Your New Warehouse Location..

As soon as you sign up and add the new warehouse location you'll be sent to a secure page and asked to enter your card details. Your card will be authorized to confirm your identity although no charge will be made until after 30 days. Your card will only be charged after 30 days if you decide to keep the warehouse location active.

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Remember, you can cancel your subscriptions at any time from the 1StockLocation billing page or by contacting our support team through the help desk.